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5 Ways that Playing Sports Can Improve Your Health

Baseball TeammatesAs the kids head back to school, many will begin their fall season of sports as well. But sports aren't just for kids. There are many reasons for adults to stay active in sports for as long as they are able. Approximately 45 percent of Americans exercise to help manage the effects of stress. Whether you like the single-minded focus of running or walking, or prefer the camaraderie of a baseball or basketball team, you'll feel better if you play sports.

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Stories of Caring

Colon Cancer AllianceIt's the middle of the night, and I just woke up worrying about a friend who is a rock for everyone else, is so selfless, and is going through a very difficult time, and it hit me. I am so blessed to have been the lifeline, the caregiver to three of the most precious people in my life. I was given this chance, this opportunity, this gift from God, to be THE one who made the difference in their lives, and in two cases, in their return home. This wasn't a burden, this was a blessing, and I think I can say I did well.

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