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3 Tools to Start Your Company's Employee Giving Campaign

When you are planning your workplace giving campaign, use materials provided by Community Health Charities to help you get started.

  1.  Employee Giving Interest Survey 
    Begin by surveying your employees to determine the best course of action for your workplace giving campaign.
  2. How to Create an Employee Giving Campaign 
    A checklist that will guide you through the how-to's of creating an employee giving campaign.
  3. How to Organize a Workplace Campaign 
    A checklist that will guide you through campaign season and avoid last-minute surprises.

Networking to Grow Your Employee Giving Campaign - Charities@Work
Corporations benefit from the long history Community Health Charities has in implementing and servicing workplace giving campaigns. This service is enhanced by our partnership with Charities@Work, which hosts an annual conference where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professional come together each year to share best practices in employee giving. This unique collaborative with other federation partners, such as EarthShare and Global Impact, connects CSR professionals to a network of their peers to share and learn the principles of effective employee giving campaigns. 

Community Health Charities has been working with workplaces for more than 55  years.  We have professionals across the country that can provide free onsite consulting services to help you create and manage a successful employee giving campaign.  Check out this list of corporations that we already partner with to make their workplace giving campaigns successful.

Resources to Revitalize Your Existing Workplace Giving Campaign

Community Health Charities will help you make your campaign a success. The Campaign Resource Center contains tools and materials to help you plan and execute your campaign. Don't forget, we are ready to assist you every step of the way!

Download everything you need to generate buzz in the workplace.
Choice provides more opportunities to give to health causes that are important to your employees and choice increases overall giving.
Tools for you to assess your campaign and learn more about your campaign development and growth.

Wrapping Up
Get end-of-campaign forms and information.
Participating Year Round
Find ways to work with Community Health Charities even when the campaign season is complete. To learn more about Community Health Charities, including how to create a workplace campaign at your organization, or how to include Community Health Charities in your existing workplace giving campaign please call (800) 645-0845 or send a message to campaigns@healthcharities.org.

IRS Publication 1771
Charitable Contributions–Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements, explains the federal tax law for organizations such as charities and churches that receive tax-deductible charitable contributions and for taxpayers who make contributions.



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