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Exercise Tip: Beat the Summer Heat

Man Drinking WaterSummer - the season we have all been waiting for, especially after the long winter months that so many of us faced. Summer is the time of year to throw on shorts and head outside to run, swim, ride a bike or do any number of fun outdoor activities. Summer also brings the strong rays of the sun, along with intense humidity in many parts of the country. Follow these sensible, simple precautions to safely play and exercise in the heat.

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Stories of Caring

Cystic Fibrosis FoundationStacy Motenko When parents of children recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis contact Stacy Motenko to talk about the disease and what they can expect, Stacy turns uncertainty into hope by sharing her own experiences. “I tell parents there’s every reason to believe that someone born today with CF will live a very normal life. The advances I’ve seen in my lifetime are incredible,” she said. “There will be tough times, but with lots of love and support, a child with CF can do anything.” Stacy would know. Diagnosed at birth with CF, she grew up fighting bronchitis, stomach aches, ulcers and hernias. She had 10 sinus surgeries by the time she was 18 and often missed two days of school each week. But Stacy never let her disease stop or define her.

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