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Exercise Tip: New Fitness Video Series for Kids

Fitness for KidsYou've probably heard that kids should get their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day. But it's hard - not all of us have 60 consecutive minutes throughout the day to dedicate to moving more. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation now offers a special video series just for kids, featuring some of the nation's leading fitness celebrities (including Bob Harper, Billy Blanks, Tara Stiles and Zumba).

Stories of Caring

My name is Emily and I'm 15 years old and a type 1 diabetic since February 21, 2000. The day I was diagnosed was all a little hazy, I just woke up to go to school, ended up throwing up and it only became worse the whole day. By night I was throwing up every 15 minutes no matter what, which is when I was taken to the hospital. There I waited for a really long time before they took me to see a doctor, but all I remember of that night was lying on a bed and going up an elevator before I woke up the next day in the hospital.

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American Diabetes Association - Michigan
The association’s mission is “to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes” through research, information and advocacy.




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