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American Liver Foundation
The nation's leading non-profit that facilitates, advocates and promotes education, support and research for prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease.
Telephone: 212-668-1000

CFC Code: 10572
IRS EIN Number: 36-2883000

$1/week -- Provides education materials for 2 Love Your Liver education programs for elementary and high school students.

$2/week -- Provides 2 support group sessions.

$3/week -- Provides liver disease and liver wellness brochures and other resource materials for one health fair or conference.

$4/week -- Supports one Treatment Choices Initiative education program for individuals affected by hepatitis C.

$5/week -- Supports one day of research by an ALF Liver Scholar Award recipient who is working to find cures for liver disease.

$6/week -- Funds one Helpline professional who provides education and support to callers to ALFís Help Line.

$10/week --Supports one in-language THINK B education program and distribution of in-language education materials.

$20/week --Supports advocacy efforts that improve the lives of people with liver disease.

$25/week -- Provides one month of support to a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Award recipient working to find liver disease cures.


In March 2011, the American Liver Foundation announced the winners of its 2011 Research Awards. Sixteen scientists representing 12 medical and research institutions were awarded more than $950,000 to support their research in the areas such as early liver development, biliary atresia, congenital hepatic fibrosis, hepatocarcinogenasis, sclerosing cholangitis, hepatitis C, liver cancer, liver fibrogenasis, autoimmune hepatitis, and liver regeneration. The American Liver Foundation is proud to support these research efforts and hopeful that they will bring us closer to finding cures for liver disease.


In 2011, the American Liver Foundation conducted over 900 core programs, reaching a total of over 31,000 individuals. These programs include the Treatment Choices Initiative (TCI), targeting individuals who have or are at-risk for hepatitis C; Fatty Liver Information Program (FLIP), addressing the rising occurrence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease; and Love Your Liver (LYL), which educates school-age children and adolescents about the liver, its functions, causes and risks of liver disease, prevention steps and tips for staying healthy.

The American Liver Foundation disseminated education materials in twelve languages to thousands of patients, family members and clinicians, and reached thousands more via http://www.liverfoundation.org/


Throughout the 2011 fiscal year, the organization conducted or participated in community service activities. Divisions reported reaching over 42,000 individuals in outreach programs which included health fairs, conferences, community meetings, support group sessions and other unique activities to raise awareness about liver wellness, liver disease prevention and management; to understand the role of the American Liver Foundation; and to provide support to patients and families.

The American Liver Foundation has developed education materials for over twenty-five topics related to liver disease and management, as well as pertinent topics such as clinical trials, financial assistance, and diet and medication management.

During fiscal year 2011, the American Liver Foundationís help line assisted patients and families in more than 6,000 calls, emails and letters requesting liver-related information, guidance and support.

The American Liver Foundationís Transplant Fund Program assists patients and families with the administration of funds they have raised for liver transplants and assures that contributions made to transplant patients are used for the intended purpose. In fiscal year 2011, 132 individuals were enrolled in the program.


The American Liver Foundation engages in public policy and advocacy efforts in order to more positively impact the lives of individuals with liver disease. As part of World Hepatitis Day, the American Liver Foundation participated in a national conference at the White House in Washington, DC and in a program at City Hall in New York City. These efforts were intended to raise awareness about the need for essential funds for education, testing/screening, and management of viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis C.

In collaboration with AASLD, the American Liver Foundation participated in a Hill Day in Washington, DC. The message to raise awareness about the need for essential funds, both on a national and state level, for education, testing/screening, research and management of all liver diseases was delivered to over fifty members of the Congress.



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