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Be The Match Foundation
We support the National Marrow Donor Program. Together, we help patients who require a marrow transplant find a donor and receive the treatment they need.
Telephone: 763-406-8670

CFC Code: 10579
IRS EIN Number: 41-1704734
AFR: 23.2% What's this?

Finn todayAt first glance, Finneas Okochi is a typical four-and-a-half-year-old boy.

At birth Finn was diagnosed with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS), a fatal hereditary immune system disorder that claimed the life of Finn’s uncle Mark in 1975 at the age of nine. Thanks to advances in bone marrow transplant techniques and the creation of the NMDP, a cure was now available for Finn.

The problem was not only that Finn needed a bone marrow match but that he also had to be old enough to survive the radiation and chemotherapy needed to prepare his body for the new bone marrow.

$1,000 secures one month of temporary housing for a patient and their caregiver near the transplant center

$500 covers a patient’s health insurance co-pay or COBRA for one month

$200 covers one month of transportation costs for a patient getting to and from the transplant center

$100 adds one marrow volunteer to Be The Match Registry

$50 covers meals for a patient and his or her caregiver for two days

$25 covers one prescription co-pay for a patient


$2.2 million in financial assistance grants given to help 1,716 families through the transplant process

24 research trials under way to help patients live longer, healthier lives

5,500 patients received a marrow transplant in 2011.

650,000 new members added to the registry in 2011.

250,000 of these new members are from diverse racial and ethnic communities.

10 million potential donors registered on Be The Match Registry.

Over 50,000 transplants since the NMDP began in 1987.


Racing Saves Lives
Four time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon has been a tremendous partner – helping to bring hope and healing to countless patients & their families – through his personal support and the work of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation. Partnerships like these make our work possible. Jeff has seen firsthand the impact of Be The Match’s work, having met with many transplant recipients.Each life saved through a transplant is an inspiration both to Jeff and – most importantly – to those patients still waiting for their transplant. Thanks to Jeff’s extraordinary generosity, the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation has launched a matching gift challenge – matching dollar for dollar the first $100,000 donated to Be The Match before August 31.“I know my financial gifts to Be The Match Foundation translate directly into the gift of life for these patients,” Jeff says.



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