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Easter Seals, Inc.
Easter Seals is the nation�s leading non-profit provider of rehabilitation services to children and adults with disabilities as well as support to their families.
Telephone: 800-221-6827

CFC Code: 12198
IRS EIN Number: 36-2171729

Kayla Pinard is everything you imagine a little girl to be. She is a petite little lady, painfully shy to strangers but with a look in her eye that means mischief is lurking. She is such a typical a little girl that it is hard to believe that she ever was anything else. But typical is not how her life began. At her twenty-week ultrasound, the Pinards got news that every parent dreads to hear. Something somehow had gone wrong during her development.

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Providing Help, Hope and Answers for Families with Autism Today
Mon, 23 Nov 2015
A photo went around the Internet last week of a child with autism who was lying on the floor while the barber lay next to him in order to give the child his first haircut. The image of the barber and child on the floor is touching, but I was surprised at how much attention it received. The barber getting on the floor to cut that child’s hair is not an isolated incident -- many, many people demonstrate that kind of love and compassion to children with disabilities. The image struck me because it reminds me of the accommodations our local hair salon makes for our daughter Elena.
Fri, 20 Nov 2015
As another Veterans Day passes, and the nation honors the brave men and women who have worn the uniform, we also pay special tribute to the many who returned home with life-changing physical or mental wounds, injuries and illnesses.
Wed, 18 Nov 2015
I swim for exercise. My Seeing Eye dog Whitney guides me to the pool, and the only stroke I do is the crawl. One arm or another is extended in front at all times, protecting me from crashing my head into a wall. Tapping the lane marker on every other stroke keeps me swimming straight. […]
Mon, 16 Nov 2015
Here’s a statement you don't hear every day from a blind blogger: I spent my morning last Monday at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. I wasn’t the only blind person at the MCA that morning, either. Sina Bahram was there, too. I met Museum of Contemporary Art’s ?Chief Content Officer Susan Chun in early September when she and I both spoke at "Greater Together," Chicago’s first Cultural Accessibility Summit.
Fri, 13 Nov 2015
How can you love your body when your body doesn't always love you back? I struggle to answer this as I become more aware of society’s ridiculous beauty standards, and while dealing with the progression of my Muscular Dystrophy. It’s easy to promote self-love and body positivity, but not easy to practice it yourself.


During the past 36 years, Easter Seals actively supported and promoted the passage of the following federal legislation that has helped people with disabilities achieve independence.

2000 - Older Americans Act Amendments include a new National Family Caregiver Support Program, which provides funding to state and area agencies on aging, and other organizations they contract with, to provide systems of support services to family caregivers. The reauthorized OAA also includes includes an innovation grant program to provide competitive grants to foster the development and testing of new approaches to sustaining the efforts of families and other informal caregivers of older individuals.

2004 - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) reauthorized and amended to ensure improved educational services to students with disabilities.

2006 - The Lifespan Respite Care Act was signed into law to ensure that community-based respite care services were more accessible and affordable to family caregivers, regardless of the care recipient's or caregiver's age or disability.

2008 - The ADA Amendments Act, legislation to restore the intended coverage of the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities and providing millions of Americans the chance to participate fully in life.

2009 - State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Reauthorization for 4.5 years and provide coverage to approximately 4 million additional children.

2010 - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and reconciliation measure enacted. This historic effort to reform the nation's health care system makes insurance coverage available for an additional 32 million Americans.



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