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JDRF International
JDRF is dedicated to funding the highest-quality research around the world to develop better treatments, prevention, and ultimately a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D).
Telephone: 800-533-CURE

CFC Code: 10569
IRS EIN Number: 23-1907729

My name is Emily and I'm 15 years old and a type 1 diabetic since February 21, 2000. The day I was diagnosed was all a little hazy, I just woke up to go to school, ended up throwing up and it only became worse the whole day. By night I was throwing up every 15 minutes no matter what, which is when I was taken to the hospital. There I waited for a really long time before they took me to see a doctor, but all I remember of that night was lying on a bed and going up an elevator before I woke up the next day in the hospital.

Since its founding in 1970, JDRF has awarded more than $1.6 billion to diabetes research, including $116 million in FY2011. In FY2011, JDRF funded research projects in 18 countries throughout the world, including 53 clinical trials.

JDRF's research goals are realized by the projects being supported in three basic areas:

  • Cure: Restoring a person's insulin-producing capability and halting or reversing the body's misguided immune attack on the pancreas.
  • Treat: Developing new devices and therapies that optimize blood sugar control and treat or prevent the complications of T1D.
  • Prevent: Preventing T1D from occurring or stopping the disease process before it damages the pancreas.

Top 10 Research Advances of FY2012

JDRF Cure Research: Halting the autoimmune process and restoring normal insulin production.

  • Targeted Immune Rebalancing Therapy Starts Clinical Study
  • An Explosion of Newly Discovered Beta Cell Regeneration Pathways
  • Invention of Novel Oxygen-Producing Biomaterial for Beta Cell Encapsulation
  • Blood Test for Beta Cell Death Discovered

JDRF Treat Research: Developing new devices and therapies that optimize blood sugar control and treat or prevent T1D complications.

  • FDA Issues Draft AP System Guidance as a Result of JDRF-Led Effort
  • JDRF APP Consortium Conducts the First Real World Test of an Artificial Pancreas System
  • JDRF Challenged the World to Invent Glucose Responsive Insulin Products for T1D
  • Novel Markers of Kidney Disease Risk in T1D Discovered

JDRF Prevent Research: Preventing the autoimmune process from starting or stopping it before the onset of insulin dependence.

  • Focused a Novel Vaccine Technology on T1D Prevention
  • Strengthened the Link between Enteroviruses and T1D


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